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Mitchell Anthony

These guys always do an awesome job, very friendly and are always happy to help me out.

hikaru bunya

We booked a $99(5L) oil change online and after that we got a phone call from the guy. We changed the booking from 9:30 to 15:00. We arrived before 15:00, but the receptionist said to us we are late and supposed to be here at 12:00... After that he said it'll might cost $119(4L). We explained to him about the website and at last he realised the website is still advertising $99, so we didn't have to pay $119. The guy on the phone said it takes 30 minutes, but actually we had to wait more than 1 hour. Also had a small question, but got refused before we even finish the sentence and explain what we wanted to know. Fully understandable if there was no time for it but very unprofessional way of declining it by telling us 5x what we would get (we were fully aware that we only get a oil change). Could have let us finish the sentence and friendly tell us that there was no time for it. We felt like children the way he spoke to us.

Ben Manning

A big overall thank you goes out to all the employees of Tyrepower Gosford and in particular Reg. Not only did they stay open on a Saturday afternoon past their open hours to address my vehicle, I was able to store it at the premise over a 4 day stint free of charge because of my unique circumstances. The attention to detail and the extra steps taken by Reg and the mechanics to ensure I had an informed understanding of my vehicle and exactly what had been done not just from an invoice perspective but also from a direct, hands on approach really distinguished the team and enriched my trust and faith in the Tyrepower team. A big thank you goes out to all the mechanics and Reg who went that extra mile to ensure their businesses goodwill and customer satisfaction was of paramount importance.

Kathryn Barber

Great Service, I will definitely be recommending them to everyone!

Ann Bridge

Great service and communication. Car serviced and new tyres . Will use them again
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