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Very quick service. While you wait service if you call ahead. Comfortable waiting area with coffee machine. Good quality tyres and service. Good pricing. Recommended to me by my mother and now I would recommend them to others!!

hayley addison

Such great customer service. Thanks Ainslie for all your help. Highly recommend JAX if you require new tyres or a service for your car!

Jason Cravino

Friendly, helpful and informative. When unexpected issues beyond their control happen they gave great customer service and communication until resolved.

Mathew Edmunds

Very disappointed went in to purchase some tyres to find they don't have the tyre I needed, then I was offered a used tyre I excepted that as it was needed. I was then told I'd need another tyre so I said ok got both tyres put on drove out drove a couple of streets away to hear scrubbing on my rear bar and found a gash out of 1 of the second hand tyres i contacted them regarding this they said bring it in so i did i was then told they would have to put my old buggered tyres back on as they had nothing there i needed .they then pushed new tyres onto me which again had no choice as I needed tyres we agreed that 130 a tyre saving 10 dollars on the 2 tyres because of what I had been though and then i got charged full price saved nothing driving home to return and then they got new tyres one and a half hors later where I had to get my partner to pick me up untill car was ready I then go back on close time to pick my car up white stuff all over my tyres didn't look new very unhappy with my ordeal I'll gladly go across the rd next time 1 star I will not be returning and will not send anyone I know there thanks .

Jim O'Connor

Good priced tyres and great service quick Helpful to my mother when she was troubled
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