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Jessica Low

Quick professional service. Great balances and alignments to make the tyres last longer. Current set is 80,000km in and looks near new


Unfortunately I cannot give it the most positive review as my experience with the centre wasn’t the best. I got quoted originally $350 to have a set of King Springs installed in my car. When i took my car there the $350 quote turned into an $800 job due to the unforeseen circumstance that my shocks were worn and deemed unroadworthy. So I agreed to pay for the new shocks and wheel alignment. And to my grief the wheel alignment wasnt done correctly and my wheels shown early signs of feathering and camber wear. About 2 months after my car had work done to it by the mechanics here. There was a really strange creaking noise coming from my driver side strut so i took my car back to them and noted the feathering on my tyres and the bad camber wear. They were quick to fix it and were really friendly about it. However whoever took the vehicle on a test run had consumed a lot of my fuel and I found that my fuel economy had nearly doubled in consumption. Since I’ve had my car back there has been a really bad shuddering and unstableness when driving at high speeds coming from the steering wheel. And as you go to break there is an extremely bad shuddering. These issues were not present before i took my car in to get the noise fixed and now its been diagnosed as warped discs. Meaning that when my car was taken on a test drive there must have been irrational braking as it explains the high fuel consumption from my tank. I am extremely disappointed and have decided to take my car elsewhere for repairs as I cannot trust the mechanics at this place due to the mistreatment and unfortunate circumstances of how my car has turned out.

Mick Klower

Avoid at all costs, theres plenty of other tyre shops along Blaxland road willing to help, these guys just lie through their teeth

Brendan E

Great team at this workshop. Much more than just tyres.


Outstanding work. Friendly service. Good prices.
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