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Meredith F

Always have had great service and attention to detail at Jax Bankstown. Most recently I had a slow leak in a tyre, took it to another Jax store near work. The repair was not successful so we took it to Adam and his team at Bankstown. They found the leak at the point of the repair and of cause took the necessary care and detail to ensure there would be no further issues.

Lewis Davies

David and Adam have always looked after me and my car, wouldn't go anywhere else. Professional and well priced in an up-to-date workshop fit for any make or model. Would highly recommend 5*

Gurusev Uppal

Adam is good at selling products and offered me a great price and price matched Tempe tyres. Issue is that they work on numbers and trying to churn as many cars possible. Had all four tyres replaced, they forgot to do the pink slip (which I asked), steering misaligned ( which they forgot to fix initially), steering shakes over 100kmhr(requires wheel balancing - which they didn't do by the looks of it, needs to be fixed). Won't be going back. Waste of time.

Yvonne Studley

David has always been great to deal with and is honest with what needs to be done. Always calls if any extra work is needed and discusses costs involved before going ahead. Any issues (rare!!) have been dealt with quickly. Have been going there since Jax opened great service and customer friendly.


Very happy with the guys at Jax Tyres, they were very helpful with the camber bolts.
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