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Reviews By Google

Briggs Jourdan

Easygoing service throughout, quick visit in then off we go in less time than they usually estimate. The guys there are knowledgeable, give a good rundown and summary of their actions upon return and are fairly priced. Their service and maintenance definitely runs for a good while as expected.

Jayde Mariner

Customer service and overall service was on point. Chris and the team at Mr Druitt branch made it an easy, smooth and even an enjoyable experience for us. Prudence exemplified great customer service skills! Her infectious smile was enlightening... Thanks and keep up the great work!

Adnan Syed

Good price but I had an issue with my there's balance almost every time during my last 4 visits. I had to come back and wait for hours to get it fixed. This should be fixed initially. Just a final check before delivering to a customer goes a long way. This is why I have 2 stars.

Mohammad Sjam

friendly staff, always a good deal, profosional staff. Chris the store manager is awesome !!

Usman Rauf

I had a really bad experience getting after sales service from them recently. My complete dealing history with the branch is as follows: I had my car (Toyota Camry 2012) tyres fitted by Bob Jane Mount Druitt branch on 28th April 2018 along with wheel alignment and balancing and a brand new battery purchase all together in one transaction. I had my next tyre service done in August 2018 from the same branch which was on time. Car tyres were rotated and no issue was reported to me. I was advised to come back for the next tyre service in Feb 2019. However, at the end of January 2019, i was advised by my usual car servicing that one of my front tyre has been worn out badly and is even under legal limit. I was really surprised to learn that and decided to go back to them to discuss the issue. To my surprise, the response I got from the branch wasn't friendly at all this time. As soon as i mentioned my problem, they started convincing me that its all my fault. I was first told that its a known issue with Toyota Camry front tyres and its normal to get your tyres worn out. When I told them that my last tyres worked perfectly for me (on the same car) for 3 years, they told my they will look into the issue and asked me to come back when the manager is available. So I booked an appointment for Tuesday, 12 Feb 2019. On tuesday, when manager had a look at my tyres and service history, he straight away said that its my fault and is because i have had an exceptional mileage on my car and haven't come back for the service. I clarified that my service is due now in February and I haven't missed any of the service. Also, i have driven 10,000 km from my last service (in 6 months) which is not an exceptional mileage and should not cause this issue if the alignment / balancing was done properly by Bob Jane during last service in August 2018. I was told that the Feb 2019 was just a guideline and I should be knowing my car & needs better than them. And since i have driven 10,000 km from my last service, I should have come back for the service way back. I even mentioned that few other companies very well give 1 year warranty if we get all 4 tyres fitted with alignment & balancing all in one transaction. I was told that Bob Jane doesn't have any such policy in place. Upon my insistance, the only compansation which was offered to me as a big favour was that I can get the affected tyres replaced at the less price (20$ less) I believe i shouldn't be expected to pay for tyre replacement and fixed alignment if it wasn't done properly last time. I choose Bob Jane for peace of mind and instead I had exact opposite experience. A brand new tyre getting worn out under legal limit in 8 months and 12,000 kms (with no service missed) is a major failure and should have been compensated with a new tyre and a properly done alignment.
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