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Gavin C

Rob and Steve were great! I had a complete blowout on the rear sidewall and was stuck, these guys were actually nice and helpful. They gave me a couple of pricing options and even a discount just because i asked.

Saahil Relan

DON'T bother wasting your time here. $55 to change a flat tyre (this place is a joke), and didn't even have the patience to see me for more than 15 seconds. Recommend: Kmart Auto two doors down (save your time and money)

Matthew Collier

I've been going to Robbie and Steve at Bob Jane Drummoyne for almost 20 years. They look after my cars, my family and friends. I even had a set of wheels sent to them for a refurb and new tyres and despite me living in Indonesia and not paying in advance for them they did all the work, and even let me pick them up without payment. Great guys.


Went in for a wheel alignment. Very friendly staff. I had 4 tyres done for an alignment for $75. Although when I called up to get a quote they gave me a quote for $55, which is for 2 wheels (apparently) which was slightly annoying. I'll give them the better of the doubt that the lady didn't know my car was 4WD. Got my alignment done in 30min, which was fair. Didn't get a re-alignment report from the technician, which is very disappointing. The technician just said, "forgot" and "can't get it from the machine once the job was done". Technician was a nice bloke. All in all, the car felt it handled better, but can't say for sure. No wobbles or leaning as of yet. Kind of hard to feel assured when you don't have an alignment report. I think I might go to Artarmon instead in the future. They were better from past experience.

Sarah O'Kelly

So utterly rude unnessesarily! Accroding the Rob they lose money on doing puncture repairs so he felt that was reason to go on a rant down the phone and then slam it down?! Im literally baffled. Was just looking for a price on getting a puncture repaired.
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