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Don Williams

As usual the Place was clean. Service and Efficiency was excellent Cost is always a nice surprise, but what always gets me with the Staff at Bob Jane Cleveland is the Level that all of the above is delivered. I have been coming for many years and in an age when old fashioned service seems to be disappearing Here it is delivered in SPADES!!!! Thanks Guys Again

Anna Angus

Great, experienced staff. Always good service and reasonable prices.

Peter Andrews

I have been using Bob Jane's at Cleveland for 17 years and a number of different management changes they do a good job

Vivienne Imarisio

We have taken our car here for new tyres, rotations, alignments etc. Today when we went to the Capalaba store which is now closer to where we live, they broke the key to our locking wheel nut. Of course they would not take any responsibility for it and told us to go get the locking nut smashed off and buy a new key to get the other 3 off. Cleveland Bob Jane take no responsibility either saying it is probably because we haven't had it back to them for a year and it's probably wear and tear but either way, the cost to have the nuts removed is ours and they won't pay. Great customer service...NOT. You just lost us as customers for 2 cars. Very poor attitude. We never did the wheel nuts up...we never touched the tyres - we leave that to the so-called you. I worked in retail for years and even when we knew it was the fault of the customer, the company policy was... make the customer happy and they will return. Clearly that is not the Bob Jane philosophy.

Roger Sparnon

One of the few dealers who put their prices on the internet.
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