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Andrew Lim

Great service (front desk very friendly) and a very good price. Took my car in to get a new spare and they rotated my tires, balanced them, checked and filled up all tires with air and fixed up a hub cap that I had trouble getting off. They even polished all four tires. All up it took about 45 minutes. Very happy to recommend them.

Sami Al Warhani

Best service for tyres on Victoria Ave Castle Hill. A team of friendly professionals who are happy to assist in your tyre purchasing and maintenance. See the team tell them Sami sent you 😉

Andrew Daoud

Fantastic service! Needed to get my spare tyre replaced as it exploded. Quick phone call to Bob Jane Castle Hill, dropped it off that afternoon and got a phone call the following morning to say it was done. Pulled into a car spot to pick it up and the guys had already brought the tyre out to me before I could even get out of the car! Thank You!

priyal faldu

Very very bad bridgestone tyre quality supplied.. got 4 New at price of 3 in Nov18.. one of the tyre hit curb while parking got flat out, big hole can put fingers through, went back @bobjane castle hill understand one of the member said, my fault, maybe i was parking at very high speed and tyre cannot handle pressure.. fine.. put new one Feb19.. now today 12March19 again @bobjane castlehill.. guess what same thing again damaged tyre this time explanation was it could have hit something while driving.. loll.. seems aussie road not good enough.. ended up putting another new one.. summary, same car 6yrs first set of tyres goodyear@kmart auto lifeline 3yrs+ not even puncture and second time bridgestone@bobjane lifeline 3months 6tyres as of now.. big NO to bobjane castle hill and bridgestone.. cheers!!

Mach CX

The worst customer service ever experienced. I booked in advance for installing new tyres and they agreed and booked time for me. I arrived on time. After completing quick paperwork, they said to me that it would take 1 to 1.5 hours to get the job done. It took almost 4 hours...I waited and waited. No-one bothered to talk to me and give any explanation for this delay until I lost my patience and angrily asked ...And the reason was an un-scheduled job. It was the ugliest service. If you couldn't schedule your workforce properly, don't offer any service at all.
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