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Reviews By Google

Karl Barrak

Excellent customer service, very helpful, very knowledgeable team and by far the best wheel alignment I've ever had done!

Joey Fakhry

They were the only tyre shop willing to make the extra calls to source me 1 tyre due to a pot hole. It seemed just too hard for everyone else and not worth there time. The team not only rang around, but called me back within 10 minutes and we had a tyre ordered. Thanks again for the help guy's, much appreciated.

Chris Hardstaff

Service amazing, the guys here are amazing helpful, insightful and really know there tyres and even the cars they go on, especially when it comes to what will and won't fit. I believe this is a credit to the store manager and the people he employs.

Zac Franco

The guys here were very helpful and patient when I was sorting out new wheels and tyres for my partner's Kia Cerato. Very happy with the speedy aftermarket wheels, the all black turned out great as per the teams recommendations. Fitment was quick considering the teams busy workload.

lloyd lowell

people here know their stuff. when it comes to tyres ask the people in tge office. T and J are the best!!
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