bob jane liverpool
Sunday 09:00 - 13:00
Monday 07:45 - 17:15
Tuesday 07:45 - 17:15
Wednesday 07:45 - 17:15
Thursday 07:45 - 17:15
Friday 07:45 - 17:15
Saturday 08:00 - 16:00

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Jimmy Ng. Tr.

Quick and professional service. Got my tyre punctured fixed in less than 10 minutes. The place has free self service coffee machine and plenty of seats while you wait. Highly recommended.

Geoffrey Scott

They are a busy tyre place. First of all my buddy the main wheel aligner always does a perfect job. After a few pot holes, unavoidable, my steering was out. He made it perfect again. Daniel + the crew up there are always willing to please. While this keeps up, we wouldn't go anywhere else. We are both due for New cars soon + look forward to Bob Jane. maintaining them !

JohnJ Kh

Very fair price, I'm very happy to have gone there instead of some other privately owned tyre shop who quoted me double the price for Bridgestone brand.

alan li

If you care about your wheels, then i would not bring them here. Deep scratches were left behind where the old wheel weights used to be. You may think, "but its behind the face of the wheel" the scratches are 5-10mm wide and deep enough that it exposes the material under the paint.

My View

Been going here for quite a few years now ... The reason ... continued good quality service ... current car White Suzuki Jimny Tips : We always watch out for the sales ... thats an extra bonus for saving $$$ Dominic and the team ... thank you 😊
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